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Use of personal data policy


If you decide to use my service, I shall ask you to sign a privacy statement setting out what personal data I collect, store and how I use it.


Personal details

Some or all of the following personal details may be collected:

  • nameage and date of birth

  • gender

  • contact details: postal addresstelephone number(s), email address(es)

  • details of your NHS GP


Additional personal data may include

  • information discussed during sessions

  • your initial desired therapeutic goal

  • past clinical history and history of current presentation

Reason for collecting and storing personal data

I shall only record and store personal data that is relevant, expressly and solely for the purposes of delivering hypnotherapy and working in a safe and effective manner with you. 


Sharing your personal data

I have no mandatory obligation to share your personal data with other agencies, except for information relating to terrorism and money laundering. I will however share it, in the context of supervision, as any work I take on is supervised by a qualified practitioner. 


I may chose to share information with other agencies if I have concerns for your safeguarding and welfare, or if I have concerns for the welfare and safeguarding of vulnerable individuals governed by statutory obligations. In any event I will let you know about my intention and seek your consent to do so. Any information will be shared electronically, encrypted and password protected.


Storing personal data

Your personal data will be anonymised and held separately from other information that could identify you (name, age, etc.) and stored electronically on a computer that is password protected.


Duration of storage

I shall keep your personal data for 7 years from the date we complete our work together.  


Deleting personal data

I shall delete electronic records and any device used to store records securely, once the device comes to the end of its useful life.


Your consent

By signing your treatment agreement, you will give me permission to record personal data as outlined above. You can withdraw your consent at any time in writing, by letter or email. If so, I shall destroy all personal data securely, except in cases where doing so would compromise any ongoing statutory process. If you have any questions about my data policy, please ask me.

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