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Clinical Hypnotherapist

specialising in anxiety disorders

in South East London and Online


Ivy Kirk,

MSc CAMH, MSc Dev Sc, BSc Psych.


My name is Ivy. I am a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety disorders, based in South East London and online. I work with adults and young people

(age 11+) in English and French.


Anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways including stress, general or social anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours, procrastination, burn-out, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, unhealthy eating and trauma responses. I focus on resolving the root cause of your anxiety.


My approach 

My practice of hypnotherapy is informed by neuro-developmental psychology. Our intellect, emotions and behaviours are governed by our Central Nervous System (CNS). Although as humans, we share the same Central Nervous System structure, we are all unique in our sensitivity to stress and how we respond. Our CNS has evolved to detect threats and danger in our environment, to make us act quickly and keep us safe. However, anxiety can arise when our Central Nervous System gets overloaded or dysregulated. 


​What to expect? 

During sessions, we will spend time discussing your issue, then I will guide you into hypnosis to explore it at a deeper level and activate change. The hypnotic trance state is safe and you remain in control. Most people find it enjoyable and relaxing.  

Why use clinical hypnotherapy? 

I use evidence based methods, focusing on the present to achieve effective lasting change. Patterns of behaviours, habitual, ritualistic or addictive, are coping strategies designed to soothe overwhelming unwanted emotions, to make us feel safe and in control. Together we’ll work on: 

  • Identifying the root cause of your issue

  • De-sensitising any triggering situations

  • Re-processing any traumatic or unresolved memory in a safe way

  • Deconditioning fear responses

  • Learning strategies to regulate in and out of anxious states

  • Reframing and letting go of unconscious limiting drives and beliefs

  • Generating and learning new behaviours

  • Re-calibrating your nervous system response

  • Building capacity, increasing your threshold to stress

  • Re-introducing fluidity in the CNS, to come in and out of stress/trauma responses

How many sessions will you need? 

This depends on your issue. If you want to resolve a specific issue, perhaps there is a feeling or coping mechanism you would like to change, NLP techniques can be effective in a few sessions. If you are thinking about therapy and need a safe space to see if you're ready, you can book just one session. If you are going through a difficult time and need ongoing support, or if you'd like to come to terms with your past and heal a deep wound, learn to set boundaries or regain control over your life, we can work on an open basis and you can end therapy whenever you want.

​Taking the first step

Sounds good? You can book a free chat now on 07838169923.


This will give you the opportunity to ask me any questions and see if you feel comfortable working with me. I will ask you to tell me a little bit about what brings you to therapy. There is no obligation at this stage, as I recommend you take time to consider whether you are ready for therapy and whether we are a good fit. 


I adhere to the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) codes of ethical practice.  


Welcome to my therapy room.

Mental health services

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Ivy Kirk,

MSc CAMH, MSc Dev Sc, BSc Psych.

These are some of the issues that I can help you overcome. 

  • Stress, anxiety and panic disorders

  • Social anxiety

  • Phobias and fears

  • Obsessive compulsive behaviours, intrusive thoughts

  • Inner critic, imposter syndrome

  • Sleep disorders

  • Depression, post-natal depression

  • Anger, irritability, difficulty with emotional regulation

  • Confidence, low self-esteem

  • Loss

  • Trauma related conditions, PTSD

  • Performance anxiety

  • Procrastination, loss your 'mojo'

  • Motivation, lack of focus 

  • Burnout

  • Life transitions, identity crisis

  • Loneliness, disconnection

  • Emotional eating,

  • Digestive disorders

  • Sexual and gender identity

  • Teens

I have over 15 years experience helping individuals with different aspects of anxiety. 

What are anxiety disorders?

People often manage anxiety by withdrawing and avoiding situations, and developing limiting, ritualistic or addictive coping strategies. In the long run, this only aggravates the anxiety. It can leave you feeling isolated, lonely, empty, and chip away your confidence.


What does anxiety feel like?

  • Constantly worried or on edge 

  • Not being able to stop or control worrying 

  • Not being able to relax 

  • Feeling as though something awful might happen 

  • Being easily annoyed or irritable 

  • Having panic attacks  

  • Frozen, dissociated, burnt out.

Benefits of clinical hypnotherapy

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Resolving the root cause of the anxious state underlying your symptoms

  • Rebalancing and retraining your nervous system 

  • Increasing vagal tone

  • Increasing levels of the happy hormone serotonin

  • Improving your mood and outlook 

  • Improving sleep quality 

  • Feeling calmer and more in control

  • Feeling at peace with yourself and the world around you

  • Improving your confidence and self-esteem

  • Feeling liberated from fear and worry

  • Discovering your inner strengths and true potential

  • Improving your purpose and meaning in life

  • Improving focus on your goals

  • Generating new behaviours to achieve your goal

Stress and anxiety

Hypnosis induces a 'rest and digest' response that deactivates the neurobiological reactions to stress we experience in our day to day life. Repetitive high levels of stress may lead to anxiety related difficulties, which could manifest in a variety of ways, including sleep difficulty, obsessive or addictive behaviours, tension pains and headaches etc.


I will reduce your stress level, help you reset your stress response system and protect you from anxiety. You'll gain in clarity, energy and emotional stability .

Interpersonal stress

Feelings and emotions are an important signalling system, that gives you feedback about your social environment and relationships. Unfortunately it is biased. Negative emotions are active longer than positive ones. As most of us want to avoid negative emotions, we develop strategies to suppress them.


If you have developed an unhealthy pattern to manage negative emotions, I will enable you to regulate these emotions and change your automatic responses.

Early life adversity

At pre-verbal and pre-cognitive stages, children experience the world through their senses and emotions. When an event is overwhelming, it can act as a sensitising event, triggering a response, which will get reinforced by other unrelated events. This eventually can interfere with the way you develop as an individual, and resurface in intrusive form, such as flashbacks, nightmares or panic attacks.

Trauma is something that is experienced as too much, too fast, too soon. It was too big for the nervous system to process. So when it comes to healing trauma, we want to make sure we’re not doing too much, too fast, too soon. I will help you process unresolved memories at your own pace and in a safe way. 

I offer sessions in English and French, online and face-to-face. To find out more and discuss your personal issue, you can contact me now on (+44) 07838 169923.

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