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Combining psychology and  hypnotherapy to resolve your personal mental health


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I can help you heal if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger, phobias, stress, low self-esteem, unhelpful habits or work and relationship difficulties.

​I am a qualified psychologist, with 15 years experience. My background is in developmental psychology - what went on in your brain in the early years and how you learnt to respond in your own unique way to circumstances in your life. 


My approach 

It combines evidence based psychology, person-centred psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, to activate your process of healing and integrate different aspects of your Self. ​

I adhere to the guidelines of ethical practice of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).  ​

​What to expect 

A common misconception is that hypnosis involves some loss of control. In reality, I will induce a safe state of hypnosis where you remain in control. 

During sessions, we will spend time talking about your issue, then use hypnosis to explore it at a deeper level and activate change.

Why use hypnosis?

It will enable you, for example, to rebalance your stress system, readjust emotional responses, uncover significant past sensitising events, bring your unconscious drives and needs into awareness, resolve potential unconscious conflicts and activate your personal transformative resources.

Most people find the state of hypnosis enjoyable and relaxing.

​Taking the first step 

You can book a chat now. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and see if you feel comfortable working with me.

Initial assessment

I'll ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself and  what brings you to therapy and you can try out some hypnosis. 

There is no obligation at this stage, as I recommend that you take time to consider whether you are ready for therapy and whether we are a good fit.

I offer sessions in English or French, online or face-to-feace. Feel free to contact me on 07838 169923. 

Ivy Kirk,

MSc CAMH, MSc Dev Sc, BSc Psych.


Welcome to my therapy room.

Mental health services

For different types of anxiety: social anxiety, generalised anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, OCD, intrusive thoughts, stress, anger, depression, low self-esteem, work or relationship difficulties, or changing unhelpful habits.

Short therapy

It may be for you if you want to resolve a specific issue, for example a pattern you'd like to change, or if you're thinking about therapy but need to identify where to focus on. 

Open ended therapy

It may be for you, if you are going through a difficult time and need ongoing support, or if you are interested in unpacking the impact of life's events on you and regain a sense of control over yourself and your life. 




Stress and anxiety

Hypnosis induces a 'rest and digest' response that deactivates the neurobiological reactions to stress we experience in our day to day life.


Repetitive high levels of stress may lead to anxiety related difficulties, which could manifest in a variety of ways, including sleep difficulty, obsessive or addictive behaviours, tension pains and headaches etc.


Using hypnotherapy will reduce your stress level, reset your stress response system and protect you from anxiety. You'll gain in clarity, energy and emotional stability .

Feelings and emotions are an important signalling system, that gives you feedback about your social environment and relationships. Unfortunately it is biased.


Negative emotions are active longer than positive ones. As most of us want to avoid negative emotions, we develop strategies to suppress them.


If you have developed an unhealthy pattern to manage negative emotions, using hypnotherapy will enable you to regulate these emotions and change your automatic responses.

Early life events

At pre-verbal and pre-cognitive stages, children experience the world through their senses and emotions.


When an event is overwhelming, it can act as a sensitising event, triggering a response, which will get reinforced by other unrelated events. This eventually can interfere with your life, or resurface in intrusive form, such as flashbacks, nightmares or panic attacks.


Using hypnotherapy will help you process significant emotional events and release their hold on you.  

I offer sessions in English or French, online or face-to-face following Covid-19 guidance. To find out more and discuss your personal issue, please contact me on 078 38 16 99 23.